And the winners of our youth photo competition are…

3 winners of our youth photo competition around the themes of #SDG4.7

World Education Blog

We’re delighted to announce the three winners of the youth photo competition we launched just over a month ago around the themes of Target 4.7 in the new global education goal. Selected from a huge amount of talented submissions, the three winners are listed in order below.

The top submission is Domyson Dulay Abuan’s photo, entitled the ‘Lens of Sustainable Education’.

Lens of Sustainable Education Image: Domyson Dulay Abuan: ‘Lens of Sustainable Education’

The photo is taken of a Grade 6 student from an Elementary School in Laguna, Philippines, who has made recycled materials to make a make-shift camera. The photographer, Domyson Dulay Abuan explains that the students are learning ICT skills, which are “relevant to present and future times. Their access to ICT tools and its uses will serve as their portal towards globalization. It is also the window that would show them the relevant issues faced by their community and the…

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