Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Schools in The World | The University Network

As the current generation witnesses the dire consequences of global warming, we are talking about sustainability, literally, everywhere — in your town governor’s campaign promises, your campus recycling program, and recently, your favorite clothing brand’s website. Starting from the mid-2000s, with advanced technology and increased purchasing power, customers have constantly fed on fast fashion, an industry practice that copies trends from the runway or celebrities that appeal to the masses, mass-produces them with unsustainable resources and cheap manpower, sells them out, and replaces them instantly as trend changes. But, fast fashion comes with a heavy price. Fast fashion’s unsustainable methods have destroyed the environment, exploited low wage workers, mainly in developing countries, and created a wasteful consumer behavior. Fortunately, both industry leaders and customers are responding, and sustainable fashion is on the rise. With the new increase in demand for sustainable

Source: Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Schools in The World | The University Network

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