Adelino Sousa



I have worked in the IT industry for more than 24 years, ultimately gaining experience in education and innovation market at JPik team, for the last 7 years, were I have been developing my expertise in sales, marketing, product development and international partnerships with the most recognized companies in the world like Intel, Google, Microsoft and so many others

At Jp.ik I learned and nature their core values that I share professionally and personally , they are: Ambition “We are bold! We want to continue to grow and evolve!”; Humbleness “We have a history of success! However, we don’t forget where we came from and how we got here. We don’t underestimate others and we are continuously learning.”; Persistence: “We are dedicated and never give up in face of obstacles!”; Integrity: “We act with honesty! We insist on honoring our commitments with employees, clients, suppliers and shareholders, creating relations of trust; and Change: “Our capacity of adaptation and transformation before challenges takes us further ahead!”

I hold a master in management of one of the Top Portuguese universities, and I continued developing my training in different areas like: Leadership; Digital Marketing, and many other areas that helps broaden my view of the world: professionally and personally.

My capabilities among others are: Business Intelligence; team Leadership; Entrepreneurship (internal and external); New Business Development; Product Management; Marketing Strategy ; Product Marketing; Marketing; Strategy; Business Development; Leadership; Social Media Marketing; Competitive Analysis; Ecommerce; and Strategic Partnerships.

My inner me capabilities: resilient; creative; new thinker; a doer; an hoper; positive mind; a believer in people; a friend of my friend; a team player; innovative; integrity… and always stand tall, no matter what. Rise up.