GirlsCODE4Climate@EDU Award

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 GirlsCode4Climate@EDU Award is promoted by Millennium@EDU Sustainable Education and Vidcode to improve climate literacy, global citizenship and participation as well as technology skills.

This Award aims to contribute for a better understating of Climate and matters related, as a Contribution to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – United Nations 1992, in particular “Article 6 Education, training and public awareness.”

This Initiative is also part of Millennium@EDU Education for Sustainable Development Initiative and the Commitment to UNESCO GAP.

 Is also part of Millennium@EDU Sustainable Education Code@EDU Initiative to promote CODE Skills among young people with a special focus on Girls.

GirlsCODE4Climate@EDU Award is the first joint action launched by Millennium@EDU Sustainable Education and Vidcode.

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