Sustainable Classroom Concept is based on a comprehensive “Technology Solution” to enable every student and teacher to access Information, Communication and Scientific Technologies (ICSTs) including computer device, content, software and applications, all specially tailored for Learning, Education and eInclusion, and being made available, at a smart affordable price with the tools to promote 21st century skills and Education for Sustainable Development. 

The Sustainable@EDU Program will provide a comprehensive “Millennium@EDU Solution Pack, including computer device”, to enable every student and teacher in the program access to information technologies including computing devices, content, software and applications all specially tailored for learning, education and eInclusion and it will be made available at a smart affordable price.


Download the flyer here:

Millennium@EDU Model Classroom 2014 JP-IK Clamshell

Millennium@EDU Model Classroom 2014 ECS Clamshell_07_08_2014

Download the flyer here:

Millennium@EDU Teachscreen Model Classroom 2014 JP-IK

Millennium@EDU Teachscreen Model Classroom 2014_ECS_05_08_2014


 Millennium@EDU 7” Tablet ID

Millennium@EDU 10” Tablet ID

Millennium@EDU Clamshell

Millennium@EDU Detachable & Windows Tablet ID

PASCO Labware

Interactive Whiteboard, Projector and Stand

Classroom Servers


LEYA Learning Platform

Y Learning Platform DEMO



Intel® Education Software

Interactive Whiteboard Notation Software

Classroom Servers


Intel® Teach Elements Courses

Microsoft Partners in Learning

PASCO – Educator Resources

Bibright – Early Years

Bibright – Later Years

eTAP Teaching Assistance Program

Flagship Initiatives:


t-MBA Digital Flyer

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