Entrepreneurship@EDU is a Millennium@EDU Sustainable Education Initiative which aims to foster Entrepreneurship Literacy in Education.

This Initiative will be supported on the development of partnerships with Entities which have or can develop products which are focused on Entrepreneurship Literacy and Education  and can provide the adequate training and support to Entrepreneurs.

This Initiative is also aligned with the LAB@EDU Initiative, which aims to create an Innovative Network of Entrepreneurs, Start Up´s and Micro Enterprises (ESMEs), as well as of Clusters and HUBs, working in the area of Information, Communication and Scientific Technologies in Education.

Entrepreneurship@EDU Executive Summary

t-MBA Digital

t-MBA is an education model implemented by Doga Schools, in which the Business Management master’s degree program has been adapted to high school level. The aim of the t-MBA Education Model is to raise self-confident, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, social and innovative leaders for the future. t-MBA is meeting global demands through t-MBA Digital.

ITU Telecom World Entrepreneurship Awards 2015

Intel® Education Accelerator

EIT Digital Venture Program

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