Stakeholder Value

Public Recognition

DescriptionLevel 1 Level 2Level 2Level 3Level 4Examples
Use of Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION Logo (or Seal) X X X X X
May need to reorg by membership types to avoid confusion
xx x x x
May need to reorg by membership types to avoid confusion
Company name & short profile on Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION websitexxxxx
need to locate this more obviously, and need a “summary list” click through to founder or stakeholder listing. Where will other participant (NGOs etc) be listed?
Featured Sponsor listing on Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION website---xxThis will just be a section at the top of the company list for these featured sponsors
Press release upon joining Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATIONStandardStandardCustomCustomCustomNeed to come up with our standard press release template, and a semi-standard quote or selection of quotes to include in the custom press releases.
Press release upon renewal ---xx
Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION provide quote to specified # articles per year on Sponsor’s SDG-related project or services-1123Need to come up with a basic outline or 2 of the type of quotes we will give, but each will be tweaked a little for the context of the article.
Company executive in spotlight feature such as short video or short interview on Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION website--xxxMike needs to create a sample of what the company executive spotlight would look like and then create for ECS and maybe others (TBD) that already would qualify. Mike needs to also create a simple template for a video option.

Attendance and Community

Invitations to attend annual meetings, whether held in-person or virtuallyLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION community & member roster accessxxxxxNeed to define a portal area for this info


Participate in virtual briefing on pursuing international education project opportunities Level 1 - N/ALevel 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Participate in choice of one scheduled Country/Regional briefing per year -xxxx
Option to participate in additional scheduled Country/Regional briefings at the prices in the schedule below.-xxxx
Professional Development workshop for company business development team--112