Participants and Quotes

The initiative includes the establishment of National Projects led by local Promoters from the public and private sector to boost the local tech industry with the support of global tech companies and answer to the appropriate needs of the communities where the Millennium@EDU Projects are developed.


Accent“APPID is honored to join the Millemnium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION Program because we believe That NTIC must be a part of the new Learning/Teaching methods

Our Mission is to provide the best education Solution to the next generation. We commit ourselves to be a trusted partner for all Institution that believes In the importance of the learning technology solution.”

Ahmed GUERMAZI – CEO – Executive Director APPID


Accent““Accent is honored to take part of the Millennium@EDU program.
Being deeply involved in Human Development and education, Accent believes that New Technologies can help support education and significatively increase students’ interest.
Accent has participated to important Education programs with Moroccan Government, such as “Nafida” Program (For Teachers) and “Injaz” (For students). Also, In the field of this commitment to Education theme, Accent supports “Zakoura” Foundation, by equipping classrooms with the latest tools to constitute an effective e-learning and quality education.”

A. Mazouzi – CEO – Accent

Fundación Ingeniero Alejo Peralta y Díaz Ceballos, IBP

IUSA““Education is a fascinating mean to improve people’s life, Millennium@EDU Fundation and Fundación Alejo Peralta are working together to bring through technology, learning skills to children and youth.” ”

Federico Krafft Vera, Director General –


“Bi-Bright is commited to continuously develop and improve efficient audio visual communication plataforms.
We feel that we are responsible for fostering and stimulating successful learning and improve the quality of training.
We recognise that the Millennium@Edu initiative combines efforts to increase attaining knowledge and improvement and promotes the universality of such diverse areas of knowledge, as outlined in distributive justice principles.
We consider it an honour to participate as agents within this framework. Milleniun@EDU’s mission to create and establish the best learning practices, promote interest, their willingness to encourage growth and respond to new global challenges has provided us with the unique opportunity to ensure we promote and deliver value for future generations.”

André Vasconcelos – CEO


“Our goal is to provide new technology and tools for teaching. With Millenium@EDU foundation we will have more possibilities and we will provide more value to the schools in Lithuania.”

Vykintas Stakėnas – Deputy General Manager


“ICT FOR ALL: Inclusivity is the most urgent of priorities. Special needs education must have a seat at the table of digital transformation and online learning. The partnership between Brains Global and Millennium@EDU has advanced our capabilities to deliver ICT for education policy frameworks for ministries of education”

John Glassey  – CEO


Caixa Mágica

“The Millenium @ Edu vision merges the technology and the hope in a better future in an unique way. Those values are shared by the Open Source community and the “Open Millennium @ Edu Initiative” is committed to delivery the best software that leverage Millenium @ Edu projects.”

Paulo Trezentos – Partner


A038F09F-598B-4313-A9CC-BA2CFA169707“Classera stands with a mission to disrupt the education ecosystem, focusing on developing smart and innovative e-learning solutions that transform today’s traditional classrooms into a new educational journey for our kids and the coming generations, we all dream of. We are passionate about maintaining a sustainable engagement and motivation cycle for students to leave a greater impact on the education ecosystem.  We are very excited about our partnership with Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION program to ensure every student in the planet feels the joy and gain the perks of smart e-learning.”

Eng. Mohammad Suhail Al Madani – Founder & CEO



Code For All’s mission is to bring Computer Science teaching to everyone at the K12 School System and Professional Education Level, through Personalized Learning.”

João Magalhães, CEO


Computer Land

Computer Land“In matters of culture and knowledge, only is lose that which is kept, only earn what is given”

Gustavo Campa Lopez – CEO

Connoiseur Electronics

“Connoiseur Electronics Pvt. Ltd., India in their endeavor to provide holistic value-based education to their students, Integrate technology into their learning system and help transform their education delivery system – Ultimately resulting in a positive impact in their overall education system.
With our association with Millennium@EDU foundation we will deliver high quality, cost effective learning through the effective integration of Technology which will help students become actively engaged citizens of the world..”

R.P. Harish Kumar – Managing Director


“Converge is proud to be an active part of a shared vision with other important ICT partners in a worldwide alliance in such a strategic component of the modern society. This joined effort should hopefully open to a new perspective on how the today’s school should prepare and motivate tomorrow’s citizens.”

Alessandro Cetto – Partner




“We are painfully aware that the Digital Divide is more evident in the Education sector than any other, and that’s a significant global issue. We are committed, with the other members of Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION, to leverage advanced micro-cloud technology to address this problem and help ensure sustainable education and growth in all corners of the world.”

Charles Foley, Chairman

USA 2018

“We are honored to be among the founders of an iconic initiative like the Millennium@EDU” said Joao Carreira, CEO of Critical Links. “We look forward to enable all the schools in the program with a local Education School Cloud based on the Education Appliance™ and enable a richer and more effective learning experience in schools.”

Joao Carreira – CEO

Daffodil International University

img_8907Education is light. It measures the real success and failure of our lives. The Almighty has sent a person to the world for a certain time with particular objective. How we learn from our failures, guilt and mistakes, will lead our lives forward. When we are educated, we come to know our limitations, and can overcome them through proper initiatives.”

Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, Founder and Chairman


Digital Promise Global

“Technology provides a huge opportunity to learn. At Digital Promise Global, we are determined to spur innovation in education to close the Digital Learning Gap around the world. In order to do that, we must create smarter supply and smarter demand in the education technology marketplace. Through our partnership with Millenium@EDU, we are excited to share our marketplace projects with other educators, leaders, and entrepreneurs around the world.”

Karen Cator – President & CEO

Digital Promise
Chelsea Waite – Digital Promise Global

Doga Schools

Doga Schools New Logo“It is a pleasure for Doga Schools to be partners with Millennium@EDU. We use technology in every field of education. We have created t-MBA digital to reach more students from different parts of the world. We believe that our partnership with Millennium@EDU will help us to achieve this goal. We believe that information should be easily accessible by all. This is a great initiative which enables millions of students to access information via technology every day.”

Ömer Suat Gündoğdu – Vice General Manager of Doga Schools


EduTech“Education is a major catalyst for human development. Information Technology is a major catalyst for Education. Hence our commitment to the Millenium@Edu Foundation.”

 R.V. Nadimi, Director

ECS Elitegroup Computer Systems

“ECS – Elitegroup Computer Systems is a worldwide leader in providing computer devices to students and teachers based on exclusive designs, that result from decades of experience in the education sector and developing IT solutions. Aware of its unique position, ECS is reinforcing its partnership with Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION to support the ICT Ecosystem and make available computer devices that enable 21st century education in a post Covid-19 World, namely by promoting universal access to computer devices that meet contemporary Education requirements, as defined by the United Nations (1): “expand the definition of the right to education to include connectivity;” and “remove barriers to connectivity”.

Max Chung – Chairman


“As a leading company in the information technology hardware industry, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is proud to be one of the partners of Millennium@EDUProgram. The idea and goal of Millennium@EDU Program matches perfectly with ECS’ culture and mission. ECS always believes that offering a good education system globally to the next generation is the best way to benefit the global society in the long-term. ECS has dedicated into innovating high-quality, durable and affordable educational mobile computing systems for many years. With all the research and development efforts and the great teamwork with key partners, ECS is proud to offer the best mobile computing devices for Millennium@EDU Program. I believe this is just the beginning of a great mission that we will march on together. This program will achieve far beyond the original idea to make the next generation a better world.”

 Wen-Yen K. Lin – Chairman



“Digital platforms will increasingly be the basis of future work and opportunity, and school and community connectivity are central to this. Working together with partners like Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDCUATION, we can enable and empower the next generation – allowing all children access to a quality education.””

Paul Landers

eTAP -Teaching Assistance Program

etaplogo“eTAP comprehensive instruction helps all students increase their success so they can improve their communities”

Blaise Subbiondo – President


“Countries are finally acknowledging that Education needs to be a strategic priority in the sustainable development of the society.
Example develops education technology ecosystems which, by integrating a new learning model and a new paradigm for the role of students, teachers and families, will help create the citizens with the skills needed to build a new generation of countries.
People will always be the most important natural resource of a country.”

José Manuel da Graça Bau – Chairman & CEO

FELTA Multi-Media Inc.

felta3“Relevant education is one that is responsive to the needs of the times. Substandard education is bred not only through the lack of competent educators but through the lack of technology solutions that inspire greater learning. FELTA Multi-Media Inc. shares the vision of Millennium@EDU Program as partner in E-ducation as a tool in upgrading the quality of education and providing a better future for students.”

Mylene Abiva – President & CEO



Education is the best Inheritance one can give.”

MAKHOTSO MOILOA– Founder & Trustee


iearnusalogo“We are pleased to be a working with Millennium@Edu, enabling us to combine important STEM technology with our global education network that links students and teachers in 140 countries in online collaborative project-based learning. This partnership leverages our 27-year history of using technology to connect classrooms and our global reach to engage with new private sector partners in new and innovative ways.”

 Ed Gragert
Interim Executive Director, iEARN-USA


“At a time when basic educational needs of millions of children throughout the world are becoming increasingly urgent, the potential and effectiveness of ICT to contribute to solutions are gaining momentum. GESCI looks forward to working with Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION to successfully exploiting the power of digital technologies to help realize an inclusive and equitable quality education provision throughout the world.”

Jerome Morrissey, CEO of GESCI


“Intel is excited to support the Millennium@edu Initiative. The Initiative aligns with Intel’s longstanding commitment to education and our work across the ecosystem to bring a holistic approach to education, including technology solutions, teachers training and education programs.”

 Greg R. Pearson – Corporate Vice-President


Accent“As a leading education services provider, we strive to provide innovative e-learning solutions that help transform traditional teaching methods and improve the overall learning process. Our principal vision is to enable every student around the world to access and receive sustainable, quality education, be it in formal institutions, remote areas or even refugee camps. We believe that being part of Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION offers great opportunities for collaboration and will help us deliver better education for learners and more value for instructors and organizations.”

Hatem Sallam, CEO

JP – Inspiring Knowledge

logo_ik_assinatura“United Nations Secretary-General has called upon all members of the global partnership to deliver on their promises, JP Inspiring Knowledge is proud of its commitment under the Millennium@EDU Program to contribute towards the ‘Millennium Development Goals’ providing students and teachers around the world educational solutions for the 21st century through information and communication technologies.”

Jorge Sá Couto – Chairman

KSTK – Knowledge Support LDA

logo_KSTK_scaled (1)

” We believe KSTK Predictive Education Solutions strongly match the Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION mission and ambitious targets. We are honored to be part of the Foundation fantastic and rich global network and offer, and fully committed to deliver.”

José Veiga- CEO

LANIX – Estamos conectados

“Lanix is proud to be a partner of the Millennium@EDUProgram and through it support the “Education with Technology” program of the Ministry of Public Education in Mexico. We share the conviction of the transformative power of a good education for our society and the essential role that technology plays in it. Offering our best computing devices to the project signifies a great opportunity for our company to fulfill its commitment to the betterment of the community through national investment, employment generation and a culture of quality and competitiveness.”

Jorge Noriega A. – Director de Tecnologia

LEYA Educação

LEYA Educação “LeYa works closely with educators, parents, schools and K-12 educational specialists and leaders to create effective learning solutions, supported by engaging contents and digital platforms. Through an integrated approach, exploring the potential of technology for learning and teaching is a central part of our vision to meet the challenges of Education in the 21st century. As a Millennium@EDU cofounder, LeYa shares with enthusiasm the program commitment to the Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals.”

Isaías Gomes Teixeira – CEO

MobileTech Consulting

MILLENNIUM@EDU_MOBILETECH_BENIN_LOGO_20141117“Technology, innovation and entrepreneurship will be one of the priority areas for responding to the challenges in the post-2015 Development agenda. Building skills, investing in new technologies and creating jobs is one of our company’s core operational priorities. How can we help Benin’s students and entrepreneurs apply ICT to leapfrog development outcomes? How can we advise government, private sector, NGOs and International Organizations on the optimal and cost effective use of ICT for development? The Millennium@EDU Program is an excellent initiative which helps us to provide affordable information, communication and scientific technologies (ICSTs) to promote 21st century skills and to build new learning spaces for improving the access and quality of education to more than 200.000 students in Benin and to empower the innovative entrepreneurs from Benin to tackle local challenges with the use of ICSTs.”

Hermann R. T. Aplogan – Founder & CEO


“At Mustek Limited we believe that effective teachers lie at the heart of good education. As a locally established company in South and Sub- Saharan Africa
we work closely with our public and private partners to equip teachers with tools, skills and confidence to use technology for teaching and learning.”

Corne Combrink – Managing Director

1 Global Economy

“One Global Economy has worked in 17 countries on 6 continents to connect underserved communities to the information and tools of the Digital Age, and children have always been at the center of both our work and our heart. We are proud to stand with Millennium@EDU and these amazing partner organizations, ready to open the doors to a digital education for all the world’s children.”

Rey Ramsey – Chairman & CEO


“The mission of the Millennium@Edu program is to contribute to the advancement in the Millennium Development Goals through the use of Information, Communication and Scientific Technologies (ICSTs) in Learning and Education while fostering key 21st Century Skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity, among others.

The objectives of the Millennium@Edu program are aligned with Microsoft’s vision and programs for Education. When governments invest in education technology, it enables the creation of jobs, drives economic growth and increases the country’s competitiveness. In the past 3 years, through its Shape the Future program, Microsoft helped 50 countries bring technology access to over 10 million students, educators and families.

Anthony Salcito – Vice-President, WW Education

Pasco Scientific

“In today’s world, science and technology are increasingly interwoven into our daily lives. National economies depend on it.
Our planet and the world’s population depend on it,” said Paul Stokstad, founder of PASCO Scientific.
For nearly 50 years, PASCO has dedicated itself to helping educators provide an effective, modern science education. As a founding member of the Millennium@EDU Foundation, we will work to ignite and support truly transformational projects in education, bringing this opportunity to students around the globe. PASCO and our employees are completely dedicated to this cause.”

 Mike Bridge – Corporate Vice-President


sandisk3“SanDisk is proud to be part of Millennium@EDU foundation that will offer access to information, communications gear and key technologies that will help expand the reach of technology based education and the economic benefits it can provide to a greater number of people around the world. We believe Millennium@EDU will truly help deliver 21st century technologies and skills to qualifying students and help bridge the digital divide that keeps so many people from fully participating in today’s technology based education. We look forward to many years of success of Millennium@EDU foundation.”

 Rizwan Ahmed – Head of Product Marketing, Client Storage Solutions




SYRRIUS is for those who do not want to be passive and strive to be active actors of change in this world .”

Rolland Oba-Kossoun HOUEHOU

General Manager



image1“As a conglomerate that has a high school (est. 1942) and a university (est. 1956) in the group, for decades Tatung Co. (est. 1918;  has been keeping a very strong connection with the education system. Today, Tatung is keen and proud to be a member of the Millennium@EDU Sustainable Education program. By working with all the partners, we hope to contribute the best of our experience and technical strength, particularly the energy and IoT solutions, to support the continuous developments of better education for the children worldwide.”

Alan Lin

General Manager of Business Development


TerraQue“Terraque is proud to support the Millennium@EDU initiative. Education is our passion and we are committed to delivering the global classroom to developing countries worldwide in conjunction with our partners. The Millennium@EDU initiative provides a unique vehicle to provide technology in those places where it is most needed. We are committed to ensuring we all meet the Millennium@EDU mission goals thus enabling a better education for our 21st century students.”

Desmond Ring – CTO

Triple C

“This new era of rapid changes and technological advancement is creating great challenges to the human kind that can only be addressed by proper education, the most valuable asset we can offer our children, allowing them to properly shape their future. Said Bernard Rizk President and CEO of Triple C. Enabling Education and knowledge transfer by Digital Learning is not only a step to enhance the classic educational system, but we believe it is now a child’s right added Mr Rizk. Using technology, students around the world will not only access unlimited sources of knowledge and information but also share their ideas. In 2007 Triple C aligned its long expertise in the design and implementation of integrated IT Systems with Intel’s technology to introduce the ICT in the education sector in Lebanon and the Middle East region. We see Millennium@EDU as another brilliant initiative that helps achieve Triple C long term goals by providing proper education and knowledge as a means of man kind evolution.”

Bernard Rizk – President & CEO


unesco“For UNESCO IITE it’s a big pleasure to have such a partner like Millenium@EDU foundation which approaches to implementation of the main principles of innovative pedagogy are in line with main priorities of UNESCO in the field of ICT in education for sustainable development”

Prof. Alexander Khoroshilov, PhD
Officer-In-Charge of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education



“At Vidcode we are committed to teaching teenage girls around the world computer science through a medium that they love. We are excited to be partnered with Millennium@EDU to bring innovative technology education to populations of teenagers around the world”

Allie Diracles – Co-Founder


“We are excited to be part of the millennium@edu initiative and are fully committed to contribute to successful implementations of technology that change student’s way of learning.  We believe that millennium@edo will help countries to have better citizens.”

Hector Tello – CEO

Vye Pakistan

“VYE Pakistan are excited about being invited to become a founder member of the Millennium program. We believe that this initiative will enable us to deliver our vision of bringing education into Pakistan through technology much faster and enable us to target a far wider audience then we ever expected. As the Millennium project partner in Asia Pakistan will be our showcase to other countries in the region.”

Dr Omar Masood/Chris Savill – Partners

World Summit Award

wsa_logo_ohne textWorld Summit Award is delighted to partner with the Millennium@EDU Initiative. The objective of Millennium@EDU to use ICTs for inclusive and sustainable education is in line with the agenda of the World Summit Award. World Summit Award commits to partner with Millennium@EDU alongside the United Nations Agenda towards the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck, Chairman World Summit Award

Xavier Group

“Realizing elearning Possibilities through Partnerships”

David Raymond Magezi – Chairman / CEO



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