Energy@EDU Executive Summary


Learning Objectives








The five winners in the Global High Schools category are: Starehe Girls’ Center, Kenya for the Africa region; Green School Bali, Indonesia for the Asia region; Bolivia’s Unidad Educativa Sagrado Corazón 4 for the Americas; Belvedere College in Ireland for Europe; and Huonville High School, Tasmania for the Oceania region.


Energy@EDU is an Initiative focused on promoting the development of international collaborative projects between students and teachers based on scientific experiments, aiming to promote Energy Literacy, using a specific Labware Energy Kit.

Energy@EDU Solution

Energy Everywhere – An Introduction to Energy Literacy *


We stand for the importance of Energy Literacy as a fundamental to create the support for Sustainable Energy Policies as well as to give to each and every person and to the society as a whole, the capacity to make decisions in their lives which favor sustainable energy solutions.


GirlsCODE4Energy@EDU Award

GirlsCode4Energy@EDU Award is a cutting edge Initiative promoted by Vidcode and Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION to encourage Girls learning Code and acquire Energy Literacy.

By using the Vidcode Platform the Girls are invited to Code an Educational Video on Energy.

girlscode4energy@EDU flyerv4





World’s Largest Lesson – Energy


Energy Literacy – US Energy Department


Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2016

CLEAN -Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN)

UNESCO – International Sustainable Energy Development Centre (EDUCATION)

NEED – National Energy Education


Goal 7 – Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

iEarn – Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy


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