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“UNESCO believes that mobile technologies can expand and enrich educational opportunities for learners in diverse settings.

Today, a growing body of evidence suggests that ubiquitous mobile devices – especially mobile phones and, more recently, tablet computers – are being used by learners and educators around the world to access information, streamline administration and facilitate learning in new and innovative ways.”

UNESCO M-Learning Policy Guidelines Project

Millennium@EDU TeachScreen Solution Pack

Millennium@EDU TeachScreen Solution Pack_en_v2_JP_IK_Mar12_14

Millennium@EDU TeachScreen Solution Pack_en_v2_ECS_Mar12_14



MILLENNIUM@EDU Detachable_v1_1 _JP-IK_Apr29_14

Millennium@EDU WinTablet10_en_v1_1_JP-IK_April29

Millennium@EDU Tablet 7”_en_v1.4_Mar14

Millennium@EDU Tablet 10”_en_v1.1_Mar14


MILLENNIUM@EDU Detachable_v1_1 _ECS_Apr29_14

Millennium@EDU WinTablet10_en_v1_1_ECS_April29

AF Millennium@EDU Tablet 7”_en__ECS_v1.0_Apr14

AF Millennium@EDU Tablet 10”_en_v1.0_ECS_Apr14_ECS


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