Code@EDU is an Initiative that promotes Code Skills as a tool to increase the participation of students and teachers in shaping the future as well as improve to the quality of education.

Promoting Participation and Inclusion

 “The best way to predict your future is to create it”- this quote by Abraham Lincoln describes precisely the role of learning to CODE and the aim of this Initiative which is to enable people to take control of the machine and get deep computer literacy in order to be actors in the design of the technological world we live in.

Considering the number of jobs that will be created for CODERS this will open opportunities for economic inclusion.

 Improving the Quality of Education

 Learning to CODE develops certain skills such as analyzing problems, abstraction, logic abilities and transversability between different subjects, like math technology among many others. An important contribution to the quality of education is the direct link with 21st century skills and competences such as problem solving, which is an essential requirement of a CODER and an ability which is developed with the activity.

Code4Girls@EDU Partnershisp with Vidcode

GirlsCode4Climate@EDU Award


Coding in the Classroom: A Long-Overdue Inclusion

Learning to code vs. coding to learn

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