Millennium@EDU is an open initiative which welcomes new Stakeholders to join, following our Collaboration Model.

An entity or company that wishes to join the Millennium@EDU Initiative should send an email to stating its interest in joining Millennium@EDU and follow the procedures which will then be communicated.

One of the Millennium@EDU Program Actions is to make available the “Millennium@EDU Solution Pack” adapted to learning, education and e-Inclusion at an affordable price including content and services.

Under this Program Action, a Millennium@EDU Stakeholder can play different roles: (i) as Component Provider by offering new products and solutions to the Solution Pack; (ii) as Solution Provider by integrating all the components in a full Solution Pack; (iii) as Prime Contractor by performing the local activities towards the Promoter of a Millennium@EDU Project.

Although the Millennium@EDU Program is a unique idea, it is not exclusive or intended to be exclusive. It is an open initiative that can collaborate with other projects, either those already existent or to be developed in the future.