Amir Zarkesh


CEO & Co-Founder


Dr. Amir Zarkesh is a co-founder of Polyup that is transforming K12 math education to enable a global community of creative and engaged problem solvers. Amir has been the co-founder, executive, and inventor at various high-tech companies. Amir has been a co-founder of Bluechip Systems and Crunch Media Works and was the co-founder and CEO of 3Plus1 Technology which was acquired by a private equity. Prior to that Amir lead the engineering at QuickSilver Technology. Dr. Zarkesh was a co-founder and Principal of Transcendent Design Technology that was acquired by Mentor Graphics. Amir was a Principal Engineer in Quad Design that was acquired by Synopsys. He was a principal at IEEE Verilog-AMS standard. He was a Co-founder and President of iBRIDGES helping young high-tech entrepreneurs. Amir has presented at IOI’19, AI for Good’19, ASUGSV’18 and 17, AVID’18, BLC’18, etc. Amir received PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics and two masters in EE and Physics from UCLA.