Anna Thompson-Quaye

Senior Private Sector Advisor

Global Partnership for Education

Anna Thompson-Quaye is a Senior Private Sector Advisor at the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) with extensive experience designing and leading the development of private sector partnerships and social investments. She oversees GPE’s partnerships with the business community in addition to the management of the Education Data Solutions Roundtable. Prior to her work at GPE, her achievements included leveraging over USD $80 million in private sector funds to support health programs, managed high value- multifaceted private sector partnerships and complex multiyear public health programs ranging between USD $200,000- $8.5 million in sub Saharan African countries. She’s worked with senior executives of mid-sized and fortune 500 companies on workplace/social investment programs; facilitated the development of industry codes of conducts and; orchestrated effective engagement of the private sector to shape global health policy dialogues. She brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience with multi-lateral institutions and engagement with the corporate sector across multiple industries.