Dina Nasser Harake

92E5A660-B921-42C2-8D5D-6E17009BA02ADirector of Global Compact Network Lebanon

My mission is to help deliver social welfare solutions while championing the advancements of sustainability.

Ever since Mrs. Harake assumed the role of an ambassador for Global Compact Network Lebanon in 2016, she has strenuously committed herself to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aligned with the principles of the UN Global Compact. After two years of successfully representing the Global Compact Network Lebanon (GCNL) within both the global network and externally vis-à-vis companies, governments and the media, Mrs. Harake was appointed as the Executive Director of Global Compact Network Lebanon, a position she still holds today.

As Executive Director, Mrs. Harake oversees and executes the Global Compact Network’s strategy, manages strategic partnerships with other UN agencies, and advances thought leadership in areas of corporate sustainability. Additionally, she oversees member recruitment and supports network companies in meeting reporting requirements. A true SDG pioneer, Mrs. Harake spearheaded several national projects aimed at the empowerment of women in rural areas. A thought leader with sustainable thinking, Mrs. Harake not only thrives for SDG fulfillment, but also leads efforts in transforming this mission by advocating for the GCNL chapter as a separate legal entity in Lebanon.

Not only is Mrs. Harake an SDG pioneer, but she is also a highly driven entrepreneur with rich experience in business management in both Lebanon and abroad (Nigeria). Alongside being executive director of the Global Compact Network Lebanon, Mrs. Harake is founder and co-owner of Well B Concept S.A.R.L in Beirut, but most importantly, a contributing force to her society through the channels of Beirut Marathon Association, Blessing Foundation, and Tamanna Foundation, among many others.