Eve Psalti


Director of Industry Programs

Microsoft Education

In her role as director of industry programs strategy for Microsoft Education, Eve Psalti is responsible for Microsoft’s strategy and outreach programs across system leaders educators and technology decision makers. Microsoft offers a range of professional development and change management resources to bridge the gap between technology skills and innovative teaching and learning. They reach beyond traditional software training to provide a scaffold that supports educators of all skill levels on their learning journey.

During the past ten years, through these audience programs we trained more than 12 million teachers and reached more than 230 million students.

At Microsoft, we believe that great technology can never replace great teaching. But with technologies like Office, OneNote, Minecraft and Skype it can inspire lifelong learning and stimulate development of essential life skills like communication, creative thinking etc. that support teachers in guiding student passions.

Eve has been at Microsoft since 2002 and she holds a Master’s degree from Antioch University, USA and several certifications from London Business School and the University of Washington.