Gus Schmedlen

Vice President for Worldwide Education at HPmichael-j-schmedlen-2x2-photo-3

Gus Schmedlen is Vice President for Worldwide Education at HP, where he directs HP’s education strategy, product development, marketing and channels. Gus serves as an advisor to many education policy organizations, including the Brookings Institution Center for Universal Education, the World Economic Forum New Vision for Education Initiative and the Global Business Coalition for Education. To assist governments in improving workforce development and measure the economic impact of investments in education, Gus created NETA, the National Education Technology Assessment process.  NETA combines macroeconomic data, hyper-local insights and predictive econometrics to help leaders shape the most effective human capital development policies.

 Schmedlen earned a BA in Classics from Colgate University and an MBA from Duke University. He was awarded an Eisenhower Fellowship by former US Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell, to study human capital development systems in the European Union, focused on the democratizing force of pervasive mobile technology.