John Glassey

021E3DC7-EF42-4751-B214-DE2FE6E3DDAEJohn Glassey


CEO of ArabBrains & AfricanBrains for 9 years. Has worked in Africa and the Middle East for over 16 years, initially promoting investment and trade development in post-conflict areas and then with the “Brains” brands focussing on increasing investment in education and ICTs. Along with travelling widely across the Middle East John has worked with the ministries of education, ICT and science & technology from over 40 countries.

Every year AfricanBrains is the organiser of Africa’s largest ministerial education and ICT forum – Innovation Africa. This ministerial level summit to promote greater public-private partnership in the education sector has resulted in over $470 million of investment in the last five years. Similarly, under ArabBrains he has organised ministerial level events in North Africa and the Middle East, including under Royal patronage in Morocco and Jordan. In 2018 ArabBrains organised the MENA Innovation Summit in Cairo with over 550 delegates led by 17 regional ministers for education & ICT.

John has developed a considerable breadth of knowledge for ICTs and the education technology landscape and has witnessed the opportunities that investment in education and innovation brings to sustainable development. As well as working closely with many governments, John has made a large commitment to ensuring that private sector technology, knowledge and innovation has access to Middle Eastern & African markets and that governments are aware of the wide range Edtech choices.
John, BA Economics (Hons), lives in London, travels widely and is currently studying for a BSc (Hons) in Astronomy with a planned dissertation on the “search for dark matter”.