Jorge Castilho


Jorge Castilho

Product & Sales Director


Jorge Castilho accepted the challenge of leading the group of Product and Sales at jp.ik, Education business unit, in July of 2018. With the since 2014, Jorge Castilho joined as Strategic Transformation Manager reporting to the Board and in August 2016 took over the Product and Solutions group.

Prior to that, Jorge was based in Madrid for 5 years, during which he worked in companies in the Engineering and Innovation sector.

His areas of expertise include strategy planning, product development, technological innovation, software engineering and organizational change.

As Product & Sales Director, Jorge Castilho intends to continue jp.ik’s mission: “the implementation of large-scale ICT-based education projects as a catalyst for the promotion of a quality education.”

Jorge Castilho academic background is Computer Science Engineering and Innovation Management.