Jorge Sá Couto



A technology enthusiast and a believer with a passion for education encouraged by his parents, he founded the company JP Sá Couto alongside his brother in 1989.
In its first years, the company worked in the field of technical assistance, rapidly growing into the Distribution sector and adventured itself in manufacturing its own brand: Tsunami.

In July of 2008, the company presented the first laptop especially designed for Education, giving its first steps in the field of technology especially designed for Education.

This was too the emergence of the Education Business Unit, jp.ik. and the first steps of the pioneer Portuguese Education program “e-escolinhas”, which became a world reference for Education and the beginning of an amazing journey.

The digital gap has always been a relevant issue of Jorge Sá Couto, so he has dedicated his career to support institutions and charitable causes, which work with this topic on the radar.

For instance, “A Smile with ICTs” is a project, whose mission was to equip with computers the pediatric units of the major Portuguese hospitals. By doing so, this project aimed to promote entertaining moments for children hospitalized.

Representing jp.ik, Jorge Sá Couto actively takes part in the global partnership for the establishment of Sustainable@EDU Program.