Lefa Elliot Thamae


Director Science & Technology

Mr. Lefa Elliot Thamae is the National Director for Science and Technology facilitation in the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology. In his position he is mandated with the promotion and coordination of science, technology and innovation.

Mr. Thamae is a graduate of the University of the Orange Free State in South Africa with an MBA and of the National University of Lesotho focusing in Agriculture. He is a member of the District Working Group in Lesotho which is the creation of an enabling environment for interactive decision making among the institutions of government and private sector. He is the chairman of the high performance computing project and Academy of Science in Lesotho which have their objectives, to assist local researchers with up to date scientifically, technological and innovative issues. Prior to this, he was the chairman of the biotechnology project in Lesotho whose aim is to increase production of high quality production of seed potatoes using technology.

Lefa is part time lecturer at the Institute of Extra Mural Studies attached to the National University of Lesotho. He the current chair of the e-Education planning team in Lesotho and has travelled intensively in both regionally and internationally.