‘Makhotso Moiloa is the founding trustee and visionary of The Fountlife Lesotho Trust. She is a former Executive Manager for USAF Operations at the Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa (USAASA). She is a graduate of Suffield Academy in Connecticut, Clark University in Massachusetts; Rhodes University in South Africa; and, Wits University in South Africa. Her academic background is in International Relations concentrating on Comparative African Politics; Journalism and Media Studies; and, Telecommunications Policy and Regulation Management.

Having attended the first US high school to mandate full technology adoption – Suffield Academy – the world of ICT and development was never far from her mind. Under the Fountlife, she has conceptualised an education blueprint for a private school for public benefit schools network designed to benefit the poor and vulnerable, that addresses education holistically. In this model, there are flagship schools similar to Suffield Academy underpinned by technology and connected to a larger network of public schools through technology and technology platforms.

As a second phase, she has together with Intel South Africa, developed Lesotho’s first country Masterplan for e-education. This plan builds on the Lesotho National Vision 2020, and, its National Strategic Development Plan in collaboration with Intel Corporation.

‘Makhotso serves as the Deputy Chair of the ICT Governance Committee of Tshwane University of Technology, one of South Africa’s foremost technical universities. She is a regular invitee to speaking forae on the Continent through the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO), Intel Corporation and the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Her greatest dream is to see the FountLife blueprint funded and replicated across the African Continent towards the sustainable generation of 21st Century teachers, teaching practices and workforce. In so doing, not only will relevant leaders be born of the initiative, but e-skills will be infused at basic education levels enabling workplace readiness from an ecosystem of schools.

FountLife is a Millenium@EDU Partner

education is the only inheritance I can give you that no one can ever take from you” ‘Mants’ekhe Moiloa