Mária Pombo

Mária Pombo

Project Manager at Portuguese Association for Business Ethics


Mária works as a Project Manager at the Portuguese Association for Business Ethics, leading the Education for Sustainable Development Project.

Her personal interest about minorities, social issues and Ethics took her, almost naturally, to volunteer to Associação CAIS, a NGO that works with homeless people, while she was still studying Journalism at the University.

Then, her passion about web writing grew up and, after graduating, she worked as a Journalist in Portal VER – Valores, Ética e Responsabilidade, an online portal that, weekly and for five years, gave her the chance to study and investigate subjects like Social Responsibility, Ethics, Human Rights, Sustainability, Management, among others, in order to write long reading articles about these same issues.

Before starting this journey, she was admitted in Law School, where she learned about European Law, Fundamental Rights, Family’s and Children’s Rights, Civil Law, Public Administrative Law and other subjects. She gave up on Law because writing was stronger and Journalism seemed to be the right way to use words as a tool to have a “louder” voice in the world.

Nowadays, more than “just” writing (and feeling that she was more a spectator than an actor), she works in an organization that allows her to lead a transformative project that has the power to improve life (or lives) thru the engagement of the new generations into a more sustainable world.