Max Trejo



With more than 12 years of experience, Max Trejo is a Mexican technological entrepreneur who is committed to young people, and a transformative player wherever he goes, uniting entrepreneurship and politics, creation and innovation. In 2016 he was unanimously elected Secretary General of the International Youth Organisation for Ibero-America (OIJ), the only youth institution in the world, made up of 21 countries. As a young politician, he has proven to have the intelligence and capacity for dialogue to implement innovative ideas and projects, transforming the OIJ into a global platform that positions the youth agenda at the presidential level through political, educational, economic, social and cultural agreements in benefit of the more than 160 million young people of the Ibero-American community, and also of Europe and Africa. As an active participant of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Max also leads the “México en Red” (Mexico online) project, which is the first digital press, radio and television platform for people under 45 years of age in the country. His commitment to Youth was formalised in 2006, when he began as an adviser to Mr. Enrique V. Iglesias, former Secretary General of the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB) and as coordinator of the International Ibero-American Volunteers Programme and of the “Youth Ambassadors”. Previously, he served as counsellor for Ibero-American Affairs in the Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (FAES), being Advisor for Ibero-America to the former President José María Aznar in the Foundation.