Mohammad Suhail Al Madani

51B7C4CD-E6C1-45FD-8AFD-3FFFD115A985Eng. Mohammad Suhail Al Madani

Founder & CEO – Classera Inc.

Eng. Mohammed Al Madani is graduated from OSU in USA with an Industrial Systems Engineering Bachelor degree and International Business degree. He got the Endeavor World Certificate as one of the most high impact entrepreneurs in the world 2017. Member of the advisory board of several educational institutions.

He started the story with his ambition when he was 18 years old, by establishing Free Dimension IT Inc. He had a significant impact when he led his company to implement many of the most important technical projects and 3D designs with many of the largest companies locally and internationally such as P&G, ARAMCO, SABIC, STC…etc.

In 2012, he successfully launched Classera Inc. for smart learning solutions that focuses in Artificial Intelligence, Edutainment, Gamification and social learning in the United States of America. Then he established the head office of Classera Inc. in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and then expanded in several states. Right after that, he started to focus on the Middle East as well especially in Saudi Arabia and he went all the way to open in more than 8 countries in the region.

In Saudi Arabia alone, in less than two years he achieve to have the baggiest market share in the market of E-learning as a CEO of Classera Middle East, By leading the most important educational projects such as the King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba” and close to 80% of the A class private schools in the private sector. Over the last year and a half, he provided a proposal to the Saudi Government and Prince Mohammad Bin Salman that led to the initiation of the digital transformation project of ministry of education “Future Gate”, which started over a year ago with a mission to cover all the Saudi schools in the Kingdom by 2020 and he took Classera to be a leading participant in conducting that project.

He led Classera to have more than 2 million users in the region; and to be the most visited educational website in the gulf and the top 100 most visit website in Saudi Arabia. These achievements had to make Classera Middle East the leader company in the field of E-learning in more than 25 local and Arab cities in the Middle East. This is not the end of these stories; his leadership led Classera to have 3 international awards for “Education Technologies”had honored by the largest worldwide educational organizations such as:
Bett Award 2017 in Innovation for K-12: Among 100s of companies worldwide, Classera was selected to be the best innovation solution for K-12 in 2017.

The Learning Award 2018: Among top 3 companies worldwide in Digital Learning
Transformation, Classera awarded in the Learning Award 2018 in London.
Best Innovation E-Learning Software in 2018: Classera won the first place worldwide in the innovation track in GESS Education Awards 2018.