Paul Landers


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Head of Strategic Partnerships


Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Twitter/Facebook: TechnologyForGood

Paul Landers is Partnership Director at Ericsson’s Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility unit where he is responsible for building partnerships that support the Connect To Learn program. Connect to Learn aims to increase student access to quality education globally, with an emphasis on girls, and builds on Ericsson’s commitment to use its technology, solutions and expertise to address Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Ensuring an inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Currently Connect To Learn has deployments in 23 countries and has reached over 80,000 students. In 2015 Connect to Learn launched its largest project to date in Myanmar with a public-private partnership designed to improve access, literacy and life skills for 21,000 students with a specific emphasis on marginalized girls.

With experience in both the public and private sector, Mr. Landers has studied the potential and implementation of ICT in education for over two decades. He started his career as a public school teacher in Ireland focusing specifically on ICT use in primary schools and the development of teacher training programs. Since joining Ericsson in 1998, he has been deeply involved in the creation of corporate eLearning programs both within Ericsson and as a consultant for supporting business partners around the world.

Mr. Landers earned a B Ed from St Patrick’s College Dublin and an M Sc from Dublin City University where he researched the impact of eLearning in corporate environments. Research into mobile learning applications has also been a key area of inquiry. Partnering with different European universities, he has led several EU programs aimed at exploring the intersection of technology and education. He has been a regular speaker at global conferences on ICT, education and sustainable development.