Prof. Ntoi Rapapa

Prof. Rapapa Pic

Deputy Minister Education and training

The Honourable Professor Ntoi Paul Rapapa is a Member of Parliament of the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho, and he is the Deputy Minister of Education and Training.

The Honourable Rapapa holds a PhD in Mathematics and Physics and has spent a large part of his professional life in academia at the National University of Lesotho.

Prior to his appointment as Deputy Minister of Education and Training, the Honourable Rapapa was most recently the Chief Executive Officer of the Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority, where he achieved more. He has championed education in his capacity as chair of the Higher Education Quality Assurance Committee of the Council on Higher Education in Lesotho where he provided oversight and promoted a quality relevant education ecosystem. As a member of the Board of the National Manpower Secretariat, he was part of providing oversight on the sponsorship of workplace relevant tertiary level skills on a national basis. He brings a wealth of experience to world of learning science, technology and innovation and the integration thereof.

In his capacity as Deputy Minister for Education and Training, he is mandated with the political oversight of the infusion of scientifical, technological and innovative relevance in the basic education ecosystem.