q Sociology of Development (Ph.D.), Candidate Ph.D. Economic Development, Agricultural Economics (MS) and Demography (MS), with over fifteen years of experience working in the public sector in the Ministries of Education, Agriculture, and Manager of the Company of Agricultural Mechanization MECANAGRO of products supply. Work experience with international organizations. Analyst Economic Policy. Specialist Development of Agriculture and Rural Development.

q Excellent oral skill (Fluency in Portuguese and English).

q Ability Statistical packages: SPSS, SAS


2003 PhD in Sociology of Development, Cornell University · USA.

Title – Land Policy and Poverty Reduction in Mozambique: An Analysis of inverse relationship between the size of the property and Productivity; Impact Estimation of Land Transfer the Smallholder CGE Model.

2000 Master of Social Demography, Cornell University USA

Title of the thesis: Infant Mortality in Zimbabwe – will be the Race A Factor Determinant?

1996 Master of Science in Agricultural Economics, Cornell University USA.

Title of the thesis – The Terms of Trade Rural and Urban in Mozambique: An Analysis of the Effects of Reform Markets and Pricing Policy in Agricultural and Industrial and Border International Parity Price.

1982 Bachelor of Economics, Faculty of Economics, University Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique.

Title Monograph: Industry Analysis of Mozambique Cement: Production Capacity Assessment for Sectors for Determination We throttling.


• Structural Adjustment Analysis – Organized Employee Senior State, promoted by the World Bank – Harare, Zimbabwe.

• Public Administration and Management in English. Manchester University, England.

• Investment Project Management. FAO, Rome.

• Structural Adjustment and Poverty Analysis. Sussex University, England.


1974-1976 Professor of Mathematics – School Northwest II

1977-1978 Teacher of Mathematics and Physics – Secondary School Martyrs Wiriamo – Tete

1979-1982 Teacher of Mathematics and Physics – Secondary School Francisco Manyanga- Maputo

1983-1984 Clerk of Treasury and Mecanagro
Economic Planning Professor of Commercial Institute of Maputo (did not finish the semester for going to Lichinga in service)

1984-1992 General Director Mecanagro E.E.

1987-1992 National Director of Agricultural Economics (DEA), Ministry of Agriculture.

2016 – 2017 Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade

2017 – Minister of Industry and Trade

Other activities

Coordinator of Investment Specific Programs in the agricultural sector such as:
• MONAP – Mozambique Nordic Agriculture Program.
• USAID-Private Sector Rehabilitation Program in Mozambique.
• USAID-Analysis Marked and Information Systems of Agricultural Markets (SIMA) in partnership with Michigan State University
• Specialized Studies in Areas of Use and Natural Resource Utilization, Production and Institutional Factors.
• Jaica – Japanese Cooperation in Agricultural Sector – Rehabilitation Project of the Public Sector
1989-1992 Member of the Board of Directors of LOMACO
Analysis and Annual Plans Approval of Company Activities and Investment Budget and Strategic Diversification.

1997-1999 Research Assistant in Demography

• Infant Mortality Determinants in Three States of India

• Gender Preference Analysis of the Indian Cultural Context

• Determinants of analysis in Contraceptive Use in India.

• Analysis of Decision Processes (gender) in the Community Aruba Nigeria

1999-2003 Research Assistant in “Cornell Community and Rural Development Institute”
(Institute for the Development of Rural Communities ”

• Field Research on the Standard of Living in 28 districts of the State New York.

• Analysis of Public Expenditure and its Impact on Supply Infrastructure and Social Services in the State of New York.

• Analysis of the Impact of Federal Economic Development Fund for the State of New York: The Initiative ERIE Canal.

2004- Consultant of the National Directorate of Rural Development (MARD) for Development of the Rural Development Strategy

2004-2005 – Office of the Development Plan The Zambezi Valley Region (GPZ)
Work done:
• Wheat Market Study in Angónia and Calculation of NPC for Culture Competitive.
• Participatory Planning Methodology in the Zambezi Valley.
• Valley Mechanization Bid Evaluation Presented by a consulting company from India.
• Economic Evaluation of Cotton Ginning Factories Introduction.
• Economic Evaluation and Organizational of Agrarian Services Centre (Mechanization and Livestock).

2006 to present. University Lecturer of Econometrics chairs, Economic Development and International Finance.
Private consultant
2014- Economic Advisor of the Party’s Parliamentary Caucus Frelimo
2016- Member of the Consulting Team for Development of HCB Development Strategy (In competition)

Publications and Papers Presented:

De Sousa, R (2015). Analysis of Public Debt of Mozambique.

De Sousa, R (2014). The Transformation of Family Agriculture in Mozambique (A post)

De Sousa, R (2013). Planning for People: A Form of Economic and Social Inclusion.

De Sousa, R. (2013) Evaluation of the Economic and Social Impact of Coal Industry in Tete. The Case of Vale Mozambique: Methodology Cluster Analysis.

De Sousa, R (2011) Reflections on the Local Development Fund, commonly known as 7 million.

De Sousa, R (2008) Geographic Economy: Agricultural Development Areas of Mozambique

De Sousa, R (2008). Decentralized Rural Electrification: Challenges and Opportunities.

De Sousa, R (2008) reports on: Agricultural Marketing in Mozambique; of Food Price Crisis; Crisis of Public Transport; Institutions for Financing for Development

De Sousa, R. (2004) Economic Theory of Family Sector. (Forthcoming)
De Sousa, R. (2004). Reflections on the Principal Component Rural Development in Mozambique. (To be published.)

De Sousa, R (2005). Participatory planning methodology in the Zambezi Valley

De Sousa, R (2005). Wheat Market Study in the Border Region of Angónia and Calculation of NPC for Diverse Cultures Competitive

De Sousa, R. C., and Gisler (2002). Refugio to Refugees: The Case of Africa. Public and Development Management. Vol. 21 No. 2 pp. 159-170.
(This work is on national parks)

Joe, F. De Sousa, R. Kay, D. (2001). Differential Impact Assessment of Public Funds Investment on Economic Growth in Rural Areas vs. Urban. Research Report, Cornell University, “Institute. for Rural Development “(Institute for Rural Development)

De Sousa, R. Joe F. Kay, D. (2001) “Fiscal Position, Fiscal Stress and Procurement of Social Services”. Research Report, Cornell University, “Institute for Rural Development”. (Rural Development Institute)

Kay, Joe D., F. and De Sousa, R. (2002). “Economic Development in IRIE Channel New York: Trends, Perceptions, Concerns. Research Report Volume 9, No.1, Cornell University, Institute for Rural Development.

De Sousa, R. (2000). The International Trade: “The Case of the Lomé Convention”, Work Presented at the Seminar at Cornell University.

De Sousa, R. (2000). “Sustainable Agriculture vs. Industrial Agriculture “, Work Presented at the Seminar at Cornell University.

Additional Information: Solid knowledge of Economics of Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy Economics. He took courses in the field at the level of PhD. It has relevant teaching materials for these materials.

Research Interest Areas: Institutional Development in the Economic Transformation context, Growth and Economic Development, Public Finance, Production Efficiency, Human Capital Development and Corporate.