Rohith M. Patil



CEO & Managing Director

Vitdwath Innovative Solutions

Vidwath Innovative Solution Pvt Ltd, a leading Digital Education company that is awarded as the fastest growing Indian company. Vidwath’s origin goes back to 2013 when it was founded by Mr. Rohith M Patil. Being a single person entity its activity started in a 100sq.ft office with single client. After a successful project in 2014 with Govt. Schools in Karnataka, it has been a story of unprecedented growth. His leadership was instrumental in scripting the success story of Vidwath.

With Graduation in Electronic Engineering & MBA in Marketing from Silicon City Bengaluru, he started Vidwath in the Royal City Mysuru. From a small step today he is head of the family to 100+ members and a 7000+sq.ft Home.

Mr. Rohith M Patil promoted Vidwath with its presence in various cities touching more than 6,50,000 students, with the inspiration and innovation towards curriculum. His vision towards – ‘Digitally Strong India’ is incredible. He always believed that – his success lies in the growth of his Team. His dream is to touch all places where Digital Education is needed with the best and most affordable products and solutions.

In the traditional system of education, it is tough to involve students, but with digital learning engaging them to the topic, solving problems and making them creative has become a little easier. They are now able to co-relate things with the real life situations, understand more complicated topics easily and recall it very fast, as visual-learning guides them in a systematic manner. Vidwath’s educational products make the students not only learn, but also score high in any level of evaluations.

Vidwath have dedicated team to cater to the needs of Students and Educational Institutions with the succor of technology and have been providing quality content.
Mr. Rohith is committed to fulfill his dream about – “An education system where learning becomes exciting with modern technology on par with traditional system for a successful future”.