Cotonou, BENIN 4 Mars 2015 Rolland HOUEHOU (g), Fondateur de SYRRIUSRolland HOUEHOU

37 years old, founder and general manager of Syrrius.
Resolutely Afro-optimistic, Rolland Oba-Kossoun Houehou dreams of breaking the digital divide between Africa and the rest of the world by equipping every home on the continent with computers and tablets. And, if possible, those manufactured under its brand, Syrrius.

After his baccalaureate, Rolland Houehou left Cotonou to study at the school of accounting and auditing (Enoes), in Paris, where he obtained his diploma of accounting and financial studies (DECF, now accounting and management diploma), “without much conviction,” he admits. More attracted by new technologies and commerce, at age 22, he created Areyou, a brand of sports accessories he made in China and sold in France, including to groups such as Courir or La Samaritaine.
After a strategic disagreement with his associates, he abandons Areyou “against heart” and launches Toowat, a social web platform that connects suppliers and buyers. Back in Benin in 2011, he worked on the project he had dreamed of for a long time: to create his brand of laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones at a low price.
This has been done since 2012. Syrrius produced thousands of computers since 2014. Made in China, these are distributed in its shop in Fidjrossè, Cotonou, and through the mobile operator MTN in Benin, with whom the company has sealed a partnership .

Convinced of the impact of quality education on development, Rolland is now investing in the promotion of digital education through the provision of autonomous classrooms particularly suited to schools with no basic