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“We are painfully aware that the Digital Divide is more evident in the Education sector than any other, and that’s a significant global issue. We are committed, with the other members of Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION, to leverage advanced micro-cloud technology to address this problem and help ensure sustainable education and growth in all corners of the world.”

Charles Foley, Chairman


“We are committed to the mission of Sustainable Millennium@EDU and are deeply honored to be a founding member. We have developed innovative ICT infrastructure solutions that are purpose-built to deliver effective eLearning capabilities to students and teachers around the world. Our solutions are actively employed in nearly 50 countries and are continually evolving to enable a richer and more effective learning experience.”

Abdul Kasim – CEO – 2016


“We are honored to be among the founders of an iconic initiative like the Millennium@EDU” said Joao Carreira, CEO of Critical Links. “We look forward to enable all the schools in the program with a local Education School Cloud based on the Education Appliance™ and enable a richer and more effective learning experience in schools.”

Joao Carreira – CEO – 2013