“At Vidcode we are committed to teaching teenage girls around the world computer science through a medium that they love. We are excited to be partnered with Millennium@EDU to bring innovative technology education to populations of teenagers around the world”

Allie Diracles – Co-Founder


Vidcode – Millennium@EDU Partnership

Promoting CODE Skills, civic participation as well as improving the access and quality of the education, especially among girls, is the aim of the partnership established between Millennium@EDU Sustainable Education and Vidcode.

Vidcode is also a great start-up with amazing leadership and a cutting edge company to promote CODE and engagement in Sustainable Development.

 Vidcode, a video coding platform designed with girls in mind that is not only self-expressive, but paired with a hobby girls love – creating and sharing videos.

As School Curricula, students can build computer literacy as they develop interactive music videos, stop motion animations, and creative projects. It can include Custom Curriculum and Teacher Training.

GirlsCODE4Climate@EDU Award


The Women Behind The Startup That’s Changing How Girls See Coding – Forbes

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