Energy@EDU Solution

Pasco Scientific and Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION have developed a specific Solution for Energy@EDU Initiative – Energy@EDU KIT – allowing teachers and students realized educational scientific experiments to meet the pedagogic aims.

Energy@EDU KIT



The Energy@EDU KIT is a stand alone solution, affordable wich includes:

• Wireless voltage sensor
• Wireless current sensor
• Wireless temperature sensor
• Wind turbine and generator
• 12 blades (2 different lengths)
• 2 tower sizes
• 6 STEM adapters for student-designed blades
• 1 W solar cell
• LED bulb



The Energy@EDU KIT also includes an App that supports the connection of the included wireless sensors plus a wide variety of other sensors to the teacher and student devices for live data collection, analysis and sharing. With this app, students collect and display sensor data in real time, and create and share journals of their investigations.