Energy@EDU Resources

Energy Basics

Energy Transformations

Learn how one type of energy can be converted into another. Observe energy transformations that produce electricity.

Temperature Sensor, Voltage Sensor

What Is Electricity?

Determine the relationship between voltage and current while studying electricity in a solar-powered circuit.

Voltage Sensor, Current Sensor

Power and Energy

Distinguish between power and energy. Measure voltage and current to produce a graphical representation of power and energy.

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Solar and Photovoltaic Cells

Solar Panel Performance

Investigate how panel angle, cloud cover, and dust affect solar panel output.

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Investigate how electromagnetic energy interacts with a solar panel surface to generate electricity.

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Load and Solar Panels

Explore how loads affect voltage, current, resistance, and power in a solar-powered circuit.

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Heat and Solar Panels

Discover how temperature is related to solar panel output.

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Wind Turbines

Wind Speed and Energy Output

Understand the relationship between wind speed and turbine output. Voltage Sensor

Blade Design and Energy Output

Investigate the impact of blade length, pitch, and number of blades on energy output.

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STEM challenge:

Design the most efficient wind turbine for a given wind speed.

Voltage Sensor, Current Sensor

Required but not included:

Box fan (to generate wind flow for wind turbine)