Interactive Whiteboard Notation Software



Creating a new blank page.

Go to the next or previous page.

Supports “undo” and “redo”.

Thrash Bin.

Ability to create links to sound files, video, images (gif, jpg, png) and flash.

Change the background (color change or placement of image). Lines and grids.

Ability to use outside of the desktop, all the same software features and tools, interacting with the operating system applications;

measurements of angles using the protractor interactive whiteboard software to measure these angles while making notes, then change the measure of the applet angle without protractor or notes disappearing.

Operations: Object Editing; Copy objects; Paste objects, delete objects;

Group objects, lock objects, placing objects in layers, larger or smaller objects.

The software has all the classic tools, able to allow operations such as: write, erase, paint, highlight, draw geometric figures, copy, move, rotate, paste, cancellation / replacement operations. Smart pen, i.e., the ability to create geometric objects, or straight lines in a rough manner, and the system automatically adjusts these lines or other geometrical forms.
Handwriting recognition.

Curtain feature (slowly revealing information), magnifier: zoom on total area or on a specific area.

Gallery of files and images, videos and sounds.

The software can be used without any feature restriction when disconnected from the board

Existence of different desktops without restrictions:

Different backgrounds: whiteboard, blackboard, lines, squared and music .
Document Recording and animated video playback.

Mathematical tools: compass, ruler, set square, virtual protractor allowing the use of the computer desktop, or on any file or the Internet.

Ability to change the language of the menus in the course of using the application without closing the program.

The interactive whiteboard toolbar menu is fully configurable and mobile allowing dragging it from the frame.

Features automatic recognition of geometric shapes.

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