Sustainable Education Achievement Trophy

The SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION TROPHY is a tool to recognize the meaningful achievements in a specific country resulted from Sustainable Education Policies, which include four dimensions: Educational, Social, Environmental and Economic.

The creation of the SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION TROPHY aims to mobilize Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION STAKEHOLDERS and other interested parties to produce case studies on the achievements of the country from their own perspectives and envisage forms of cooperation, while encouraging the development of initiatives to support the programs and projects of the country to which the TROPHY is awarded.

The SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION TROPHY is a point of arrival and a point of departure. The importance of the TROPHY will be evaluated with the case studies which will be published in future by Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION PARTNERS.

República de Cabo Verde is the country recognized with the SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION ACHIEVEMENT TROPHY 2019 – the year of the launching of the Trophy.

It is expected that, in the next months, the Millennium@EDU SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION STAKEHOLDERS will develop case studies on the extraordinary achievements of República de Cabo Verde on Education and other related fields as well as engage in new partnerships in the country.




H.E. José Ulisses de Pina Correia e Silva

Prime MinisterPrime Minister

Cabo Verde

The Trophy

República de Cabo Verde